Moving Day is upon us

Oh Yeah!  24 hours from now I have to be ready to evacuate this house.

This is the home I brought my almost 17 year old son home to.  He has lived here longer than I ever lived ANYWHERE (until he was born).

Do you think I’ll make the deadline?

Of course I will.  That’s what mommies do!

Admittedly this was not my choice.  I could have lived out my days in this house.  I raised my family here.  They had same age friends in all three houses across the street.  My left and right neighbors both lost their wives (Nick is 96, Robt is 85) and I’ve been privileged to spend time getting to know them as people, not just “old folks”.

I carried this boy home from the delivery room nearly 17 years ago.

I stripped the girlie wallpaper off his bedroom walls 2 weeks before he was born.

My husband painted it white and I drew Lion King creatures on the walls.

So, I gotta get moving…by the way, I’m wearing the “Boot” on my almost not broken anymore foot…just for the move.

Next time you hear from me I’ll be in the new pad.



Nobody Listens to Me

Nobody listens to me.


I am finally acknowledging this fact in a public forum.

Examples: I ask a question…People go right on talking.

I asked a co-worker, “How was your trip?”

He ignores me and walks in the other room.

Me, My spouse and son are riding in the car.  A conversation is occurring.

I offer input.  They keep on talking.

I am an invisible person.

We can be having an in-the-office conversation and the other three women refuse to acknowledge I have spoken.

I do have a soft voice.  Only because I cannot tolerate people whose voices BOOM all the time!  Sets my teeth on edge.

So, I put a spell on them and they will eat nothing but fish eggs and cicadas the rest of their miserable lives.

Hope you have a great weekend and I hope I sell my house.

OR, maybe I’ll keep this house and the old man and my kid can move into the new school district.  I’ll get a do-over.

I feel better.  Thank you for listening.


Thank you for keeping USA the Land of the Free

Happy Memorial Day – I hope ya’ll are enjoying the day.
It’s really nice and warm in Mid-Missouri – no storms today.

Please take a moment to reflect on the possibilities and opportunities we have in America.  Those rights and that freedom have come at the cost of  the lives of  too many of our American Brothers and Sisters in arms.

I offer thanks for their service and appreciate everyday that I was born in the land of the free and the home of the brave.  Thank you for standing watch over me and my family.

We’re still trying to sell this house. (It’s been on the market less than a month – Devoted Husband thought it would sell as soon as the sign was in the front yard).

Thus far he has not inflicted bodily harm on our agent. Bless Him.

And of course the reason we must move: all together now!  Himself wants to go to a different high school.  Self Explanatory right?

I’m painting a canvas to display above the mantel…I read a “Staging your Home” blog and so I am trying to Depersonalize our home.
AND my two sons, my almost daughter-in-law and Manny the bulldog arrived late last night. We are thrilled to be together again.

But the house may just have to sell itself.


Joplin, MO Tornado Relief


You’ve probably figured out I reside in Missouri – The Show Me State.

Here’s a video message from real people, who I actually know about how we can help the folks in Joplin, MO.

The United Way is waiving all administrative fees and will cover all online and text-to-give donation processing feesOne hundred percent of donors’ dollars go to Joplin. More information regarding donations and ways to volunteer are available at: .

This United Way is the real deal.

Best quote heard recently:

“What is with these tornados?  Dorothy Gale was NOT from the Ozarks!”

Jill Womack, actress and extraordinary human being!

Hoping you’re safe and happy.